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OpsHound makes time a tangible item.

OpsHound was born when the owners of a large landscape company had an idea to make time management, scheduling, and job costing a simple task. With the help of a seasoned geek and the experiences of two very successful businessmen, Svesty Technologies created OpsHound.

Our Mission

Opshound's vision is simple: to provide a tool that takes a bite out of wasted time. Time is our most valuable asset. We need to make sure that we are using every minute to maximize profitablity.

Our Features

OpsHound provides a versatile set of tools to upgrade your business processes. A mobile time clock solution captures the photo and GPS data of the employee clocking in or out. Multi-crew / equipment scheduling and true job costing will increase efficiency.

The Opshound Advantage

Opshound’s mobile time clock keeps your business Fair Labor Standards compliant. Not only does it simplify tracking hours, it keeps both you and your employees up to date on the amount of time spent working. Using a unique pin, all employees simply clock in by means of the Opshound app on their mobile phone when ready to begin a job. The process is very simple:

  • Employees log in with a unique pin
  • The app takes their picture
  • GPS coordinates are logged
  • Time of day is logged

When the work day is over, crew members simply log out, and the process repeats itself. The application functions the same as a manual time clock. But, the difference is both designated management and workers have constant access to the number of hours worked. Hours can be viewed both in a daily view and weekly view in an attempt to avoid surprises.

Compliance with the mandates of the Fair Labor Standards Act has never been easier because employees have to approve their weekly hours worked before submitting it for pay. They have the option to adjust hours, pending supervisor approval, should the need arise. So, monitoring, tracking, and logging hours is easily done with a simple touch on a screen at the job site instead of by submitting handwritten time cards or messy time sheets. Management and crews benefit from less paperwork, more accuracy, and increased efficiency.

Multi-Crew and Equipment Scheduling

Gone are the days when you get to the shop and have crew leaders arguing over who gets to take what equipment for the day. With Ophound’s Multi-Crew Equipment Scheduling feature, equipment and people can be scheduled efficiently.

Simply import your equipment from your accounting system, and let OpsHound keep you organized. The process is simple. First, assemble your crews. Then, assign them to specific jobs or tasks. When making job assignments, schedule the equipment for the job using the equipment reservation feature. Once the equipment is reserved, it will no longer be available in the equipment drop down menu. Equipment can no longer be scheduled at the same time for different jobs.

Advanced Project Management

Many people feel that a mobile application to monitor crews violates the employee/employer trust factor crucial to a functioning working relationship. Opshound is not intended to spy on your crew. OpsHound offers a solution to manage your business remotely. Managing employee time and productivity is crucial to profitability That difference boils down to dollars and cents.

The more labor intensive, the more expensive a job is to perform. Labor costs can accumulate quickly. With the right solution to help monitor man hours, crew locations, and materials, you can accurately job cost by managing crew assignments, allocating materials and equipment, and monitoring man hours and locations. With remote access, management can be driving revenue from anywhere—again, reducing costs. OpsHound is about efficiency and profit in your business and not about micromanaging the whereabouts of crew members.

You need reliable, accurate, current information to run your business, bid on jobs, schedule workers, and minimize labor costs in the most efficient and profitable manner. OpsHound offers the tools that lead to improvements in your bottom line.

Save Time & Improve your Bottom Line..


Meet The TeamĀ 

OpsHound provides a professional & comfortable employee environment to provide AMAZING customer service!

Nathan Svec

Top Geek / President

A long time ago in a galaxy not so far way Nathan was working for someone else. He has been called Coder, Network Administrator, and System Administration for 15 years. BUT NOW gave himself the tile of Head Geek.

Kevin White

Head Opportunity Engineer

If you partner with bright, creative people to bring the RIGHT product/service to the RIGHT client for the RIGHT reasons, then you get Kevin. He appreciates the value of your time and would NEVER ignore you. He's just deaf in his left ear.

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